Bags or dark circles under your eyes are often associated with lack of sleep or an unhealthy lifestyle and will disappear as soon as you improve your daily routine. However, sometimes bags or dark circles cannot be influenced by our behaviour because they are the result of other factors, such as heredity or ageing. In these cases, the bags or dark circles are always visible and will not spontaneously fade or disappear.

Do you always have bags or dark circles under your eyes, no matter how well you sleep or how healthy your lifestyle is? Thankfully, we can treat your bags or dark circles which will make them considerably less apparent or even make them disappear.


The treatment for both bags and dark circles involves filling the skin under the eyes with an injectable fluid based on hyaluronic acid. This natural substance adds volume to the area under the eyes, making the bags or dark circles less visible. If you are interested in treatment to reduce or remove bags or dark circles under your eyes, the first appointment will be an intake consultation. This intake serves as an opportunity to discuss your wishes, explain the treatment and answer any questions you may have.

Duration of recovery and results
The result of this treatment with injectable fluids is apparent immediately, and the effects can last from 6 to as much as 18 months. Its visibility will reduce over time and eventually disappear. The treatment is risk-free and may be repeated to retain the optimal results.

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