Pores are responsible for the distribution of tallow to protect your skin and keep it supple. Enlarged pores can be caused by many different factors. Your pores can become clogged up with dead skin cells, foundation and moisturisers, making them stretch and become more visible. But the main causes for enlarged pores are simply heredity and ageing.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to permanently get rid of enlarged pores. But there are most certainly treatments that can reduce the size and visibility of your pores for a longer duration. Please take a look at the options below to find out what we can offer.

Micro Needling

In this treatment, your skin is perforated by minuscule vibrating needles. This purposely inflicted damage triggers the skin’s natural tendency to renew itself, leading to the production of collagen. This protein gives your skin volume, makes your skin firm and the smoothens the structure of the skin. Eventually, this
rejuvenating process also affects your pores, making them smaller and much less visible.

Frequency & duration of recovery and results

For the very best results, we recommend three treatments every 2-3 weeks. Within 1–3 weeks, you will see the effects which will stay visible for approximately six months.


In peel treatments, the removal of the upper skin layers stimulates the production of collagen. A chemical solution is applied to the face, containing certain acids that cause the skin to peel. This procedure works as a trigger to stimulate the production of collagen, which will make your skin look smoother, tighter and younger.

Duration of recovery and results

Immediately after the treatment, you will start to see improvements in the skin. However, the entire process of renewal of skin layers and production of collagen can take up to a month. The length of time that your results will remain visible depends entirely on the type of product used. There is too much difference between the peels to give an average value for the duration of recovery or results. If you are interested in booking a facial peel treatment, you can ask about the expectations that apply to your treatment during your intake consultation.

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