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At Hundepool Clinic we only work with high quality products that get the best out of your skin, are highly effective and keep their promises.

A beautiful, radiant skin reflects wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle. The right skin care with effective ingredients, and the use of high quality products therefore play an important role. We offer first class treatments and products that are as safe as they are effective for every skin type and skin colour.

An essential ingredient in skin care is hyaluronic acid. It is a real little miracle in the world of skin care. It contains a property that enables retention of moisture in the different layers of skin. As skin ages, it loses its vitality because of the reduction of moisture content. A youthful, fresh skin is well hydrated, protected and full of elasticity and resilience.

For your skin care, you can choose from rejuvenating and regenerative creams as well as diverse serums, gels and masks from the Restylane or Princess Skincare lines. Each product is unique and has its own indicators and way of working. We will advise you on choosing the most appropriate skin care product.


De Restylane Skincare line provides protection, hydration and nourishment for your skin.  Small crystal shaped particles of hyaluronic acid reflect light and and give your skin a radiant glow. At the same time they retain moisture and fill up small wrinkles. Thanks to the exclusive emollients and countless other ingredients, Restylane Skincare offers optimal results.


Princess® Skincare products provide intensive hydration for your skin. The special combinations of  active ingredients prevent the signs of ageing, fade wrinkles and support the regenerative capacity of the skin