Botox Medical

Effective against excessive perspiration, specific types of migraine / muscle tension headache and teeth grinding.

Excessive perspiration

Many people suffer from excessive perspiration. A botox treatment for perspiration can provide a solution. Botox temporarily blocks the working of the nerves which stimulate the sweat glands resulting in the glands producing less or no sweat. The sweat production in the treated area decreases or stops completely. You get a number of injections in each armpit.

Muscle tension headache
Muscle tension headache is a very common complaint. It is often very difficult to determine the exact cause. There are indications that increased tension in muscles can play a role. Injecting Botox into the forehead relaxes the muscles and often takes away the tension in the head, neck and shoulders.

Teeth grinding
Botox can influence teeth grinding by reducing the muscle tension in the jaw muscles by way of small injections in the jaw muscles. If necessary, this treatment can be supplemented/optimised with an anti-grinding mouth guard to use at home.