Warts, moles, ageing spots, pigment spots, sun damage.
Treatment with the Cryogen are very suitable for anyone who suffers from unwanted tissue such as warts, moles, old age, pigment spots and sun damage.

The Cryopen removes damage & irregularities by freezing them with nitrogen oxide. The design of the Cryopen ensures that the treatment is carried out accurately to the millimetre without affecting the surrounding healthy skin.

When you come to the clinic, the doctor checks to see whether you are suitable for the treatment. The treatment itself lasts for not longer than a few seconds and is almost painless.

After the treatment
Immediately after the treatment redness can appear around the treated area. After a few days, a crust can appear which will fall of itself. A new layer of skin is formed underneath. Protect the area well against the sun for a minimum of 6 weeks after the treatment with a protection factor of minimum 30.

When can I see the effect?
You should see the results after 1 treatment. Depending on the desired result and the treated area, it is sometimes necessary for a repeat treatment after a few weeks.