Liquid facelift

Overall rejuvenation of appearance.

A liquid facelift is a facelift without cutting resulting in an overall rejuvenation of your appearance. We go back in time, as it were. Choose a mini liquid facelift or a full liquid facelift.

After an extensive intake where your wishes are discussed, we look at which treatment is best for you. You determine, together with the doctor, which areas of the face will be treated.

The treatment is built up over a number of steps. The wrinkles that appear because of muscle tension will be treated with Botox. The face contours will be rejuvenated with a filler. The fine lines and wrinkles will be filled in with a filler. Eventually, a final skin-enhancing treatment can be selected such as peeling / micro-needling or cream to strengthen the effect.

When can I see the effect and how long does it stay visible for?
Some effects are immediately visible after the treatment and others follow after a few days. How long the effect stays visible is dependent on the type of treatment and the products chosen. The effect is visible for 9 – 24 months.