Teeth Whitening

Thanks to modern technology for cosmetic teeth whitening, a radiant white smile is available for everyone.

In contrast with traditional teeth whitening methods, cosmetic teeth whitening at Hundepool Clinic is based on the use of a whitening gel that contains less than 1% peroxide.

The treatment time is 45 minutes. The whitening gel is activated by LED light. The whitening gel
does not affect the enamel. The gums are also not irritated because a cold LED light is used. The makes treatment painless and safe.

After the treatment
You can’t eat or drink anything for the first hour after the treatment. After an hour, you can drink water and after 2 hours you can resume normal eating and drinking except for coffee, tea, red wine. We recommend that you don’t drink these for the first four hours after treatment. You will also receive a special toothpaste to take home which will further optimise the effect of the treatment.

When can I see the effect?
Your teeth become up to 9 shades lighter with 1 treatment. The end result varies from person to person.