Thread lift

Forehead, eyebrow, cheek, jawline, neck, décolleté, crows feet, smokers lines.
This is a new, innovative technique to rejuvenate the face or, for example, the neck. The material comes from organic, biodegradable sutures that have been used for years in surgery as a soluble adhesion.

There are different types and sizes of sutures (smooth, twisted or with hooks). The smallest thread varieties are extremely suitable for treatment of fine lines, while the larger threads are suitable to lift the skin. The sutures are placed in the subcutaneous tissue. They attach themselves securely and ensure tension in the desired direction. In this way, the subcutaneous tissue and the skin stretches. After a few days, the collagen begins forming around the suture. This provides the strength and elasticity of the skin causing the lifting effect. The suture loosens after a period of time.

Before treatment, your wishes are discussed in a personal consultation. The options will also be discussed with you. The threads are placed under the skin using a thin injection needle. Once the thread has been inserted under the skin, he needle is removed and the thread remains. Because the thread is inserted into the subcutaneous tissue, it is not visible. As the threads dissolve, collagen forms around the thread. This ensures a firming and lifting effect. The treatment is almost painless. If desired, – and for more intense treatments – the skin is anaesthetised before treatment.

After the treatment
After the treatment there can be local swelling and redness. There can also be slight bruising which will naturally disappear after a few days. We advise you to apply an ice pack to the treated area.

When can I see the effect?
The results are immediately visible. The full effect is visible around 6 weeks later. The duration of the effect depends on the type of suture used and stays for between 6 – 18 months.

We use the brands Silhouette Soft and Princess in our clinic. The safety and effectiveness of these threads have been studied and proven for years. All threads that we use are biodegradable.